February 20, 2017

Sky and Sapphire

I couldn't tell you how much i love my name. For some people, it may be just something to call someone, to be remembered and differentiate from other people. But for me... i'm taking it to another meaning. I became one with the name, my purpose and strength on living.

My mom loves to talk about how and why she gave me the name, neither do i often ask about it to her. It's amusing to know that i originally given three names, and my grandfather opposed it. Saying it has no good meaning and too long. So it left with two names, the first and last name. And funny thing is that i almost named the same as an actress, a famous one in the 90s, Jihan Fahira. I forgot why the name didn't make it, but the 'Fahira' is somewhat similar to my last name. I have to admit that she's very pretty. I spent my childhood watching her tv segment and kinda loving it.

And then in 1996, Indonesia crowned a new beauty queen. A former 1994 None from West Jakarta. The one that everybody knows, Alya Rohali. To everyone tried making jokes calling me Alya Rohali, i'm sorry to disappoint you because it's true, no need for me to deny it because she's the inspiration for my mom giving me the name 'Alya'. Alya is an arabic name, stands for heaven, sky and grandeur.
In addition to the great meaning of it, i am so delighted to be named after a smart and gorgeous woman like her. It even surprised me that we belong to same alma mater. She snatched that None, Puteri Indonesia and Miss Universe Indonesia tittle, not forgetting she also got her master's degree.

My last name is basically a gemstone, a sapphire. The very popular sapphire that we know is the blue sapphire. The blue colour is so deep and elegant, the stone is a tough and durable one next to a diamond. Sapphire is a popular choice for a jewelry. There is one jewelry that's famous for its blue sapphire, the engagement ring of Diana, the Princess of Wales. That one day Diana and Charles walked into that room and showed the ring, the world couldn't help it but making it a headline and won't stop talking about it. It became a trend for years and copied by jewellers all over the world. My mom talked about how she bought an earring which designed just like Diana's ring and how much she adore Diana. To a conclusion, the famous sapphire ring was the inspiration for my last name. A bit of Diana lives on it.

The name, Alya and Shafira, is very precious for me, it is my pride. And so i know that a name is also a hope. A hope from my parents upon me. I am here trying to be well deserved of that great name. It gave me purpose and strength on facing everything. As i said before, it's my pride.

" A woman that is intelligent, placed up high and as beautiful as a sapphire."