August 14, 2017

(Boy), we're Good Together

entry: 14/03/2017

If you know me then you know how much i love music. Good music.

I enjoy listening to it for hours and more, humming it whenever it pops on my mind, understanding the lyrics and take it to another meaning. There are no day in my life, without music. I actually don't have a very specific genre to like. Of course i like Pop and R&B. Hip Hop, indie, rock, electronic is also on my liking. Lots of people got shocked when they know i was hearing to a certain music that they think i wouldn't like. Well, as long as it is good music, i will appreciate it.

Last Saturday, i am experiencing another spectacular time of my life. The duo who made 3 AM, the one who always making me feel calm at night listening to their music, has finally appeared in front of me. Are you kidding me? I almost sell my ticket and thank God i didn't, i am so relieved. And so, HONNE appeared by the very short distance from me. I didn't even know how my friends and i could take the front row for HONNE. We snatched the barrier and never felt happier than this. In the previous show we watched, we couldn't even pass the tenth or ninth row. Stuck in the middle and getting pressed by an ocean of people. Yet now i could hug the barrier without worrying being dragged to anywhere.

Two tips for you people on how getting yourself on front row:
1- One, Get there as early as possible, even if your favorite band is last to perform. 
2- Two, Oh, Just bear the five or six hour standing :) I know you can do it.

Anyway, the black screen is going down and the huge HONNE letter appeared in front of us. The band was already there, Andy and James followed. Once Andy started singing i couldn't help but smile. They were so good on doing live. I am so happy i got to hear Coastal Love, The Night, 3 AM, Gone Are The Days, Warm On A Cold Night, It Ain't Wrong Loving You, Woman and Good Together. Oh, i felt like i was mentioning all songs. Sorry couldn't help it haha.

February 20, 2017

Sky and Sapphire

I couldn't tell you how much i love my name. For some people, it may be just something to call someone, to be remembered and differentiate from other people. But for me... i'm taking it to another meaning. I became one with the name, my purpose and strength on living.

My mom loves to talk about how why she gave me the name, neither do i often ask about it to her. It's amusing to know that i originally given three names, and my grandfather opposed it. Saying it has no good meaning and too long. So it left with two names, the first and last name. And funny thing is that i almost named the same as an actress, a famous one in the 90s, Jihan Fahira. I forgot why the name didn't make it, but the 'Fahira' is somewhat similar to my last name. I have to admit that she's very pretty. I spent my childhood watching her tv segment and kinda loving it.

And then in 1996, Indonesia crowned a new beauty queen. A former 1994 None from West Jakarta. The one that everybody knows, Alya Rohali. To everyone tried making jokes calling me Alya Rohali, i'm sorry to disappoint you because it's true, no need for me to deny it because she's the inspiration for my mom giving me the name 'Alya'. Alya is an arabic name, stands for heaven, sky and grandeur.
In addition to the great meaning of it, i am so delighted to be named after a smart and gorgeous woman like her. It even surprised me that we belong to same alma mater. She snatched that None, Puteri Indonesia and Miss Universe Indonesia tittle, not forgetting she also got her master's degree.

My last name is basically a gemstone, a sapphire. The very popular sapphire that we know is the blue sapphire. The blue colour is so deep and elegant, the stone is a tough and durable one next to a diamond. Sapphire is a popular choice for a jewelry. There is one jewelry that's famous for its blue sapphire, the engagement ring of Diana, the Princess of Wales. That one day Diana and Charles walked into that room and showed the ring, the world couldn't help it but making it a headline and won't stop talking about it. It became a trend for years and copied by jewellers all over the world. My mom talked about how she bought an earring which designed just like Diana's ring and how much she adore Diana. To a conclusion, the famous sapphire ring was the inspiration for my last name. A bit of Diana lives on it.

The name, Alya and Shafira, is very precious for me, it is my pride. And so i know that a name is also a hope. A hope from my parents upon me. I am here trying to be well deserved of that great name. It gave me purpose and strength on facing everything. As i said before, it's my pride.

" A woman that is intelligent, placed up high and as beautiful as a sapphire."

January 31, 2017

Nobody's Favorite and the Ultimate Bad Boy

Dan dua orang kakak adik bernama Aldebaran dan Harris Risjad telah mengubah semuanya.

Suatu hari ditahun 2015 gue ke gramedia, dengan harapan menemukan novel baru yang jalan ceritanya unik dan anti mainstream. Gue adalah orang yang kalau milih novel itu bisa lama banget, muter-muter rak bagian novel berulang kali sampai gue ketemu dengan satu novel yang menurut gue saat itu worth to buy. I love being in a bookstore. I could spent my time there for hours. My comfort zone it is.

Rasanya udah lama banget semenjak yang terakhir kalinya gue beli novel dan ceritanya sangat berbekas di hati gue. Dulu ada Sitta Karina, Illana Tan, AleaZalea dan Orizuka dengan novel-novel mereka yang selalu gue pamer-pamerkan ke semua teman sekolah, mempromosikan novel itu sampai mereka akhirnya beli dan baca novelnya. Let me tell you something about them. They were so passionate and put a lot of details on their works. And their story lives.

So, back to 2015. Suatu novel ber-cover biru dengan sebuah sticker merah tertempel di plastik yang membungkusnya menarik perhatian gue. Kalau ngga salah, sticker merah itu bertuliskan 'sold in 11,111 hours'? Pardon my memory but yaa, it sounded like that. Jadi gue ambillah novel itu. Sebuah ilustrasi pesawat yang menurut gue well drawn dan tulisan-tulisan di covernya menarik perhatian gue.

A National Bestseller. CRITICAL ELEVEN. Ika Natassa. Dari penulis bestseller A Verry Yuppy Wedding, Divortiare, Twivortiare & Antologi Rasa.

Hal pertama yang gue pikirkan adalah. " Divortiare bukannya short movie yang ada di youtube ya?". Jadi ceritanya, gue suka banget browsing short movie di youtube dan nemuin satu short movie dengan judul Divortiare dan gue suka banget sama ceritanya. Tapi saat gue nonton itu gue engga tahu kalau ternyata short movie itu adalah adaptasi dari sebuah novel. Saat liat novel berjudul Critical Eleven itulah gue tau siapa penulis ceritanya. Ika Natassa.

In the end i bought it. No need for second and third thought. And the rest of it was me in awe reading it.


Namanya Aldebaran Risjad. Simply, Ale, for short. Jujur gue bingung banget sama cowok satu ini. Pekerjaannya tiap bulan adalah pulang pergi Jakarta dan rig, gue yakin dengan pekerjaan dia yang super keren tapi kayaknya membosankan itu (karena terperangkap di rig selama berminggu-minggu) gaji yang ia dapat besar banget dan deskripsi seorang Ale yang ada dibayangan gue adalah cowok tinggi tampan dengan rambut ikalnya, tapi ketika pulang dari rig yang ia dapati adalah istrinya yang nggak sama sekali welcome terhadap kepulangannya. Lebih tepatnya Ale malah mendapati cold shoulder dari istrinya, Anya. Bingung dong gue, penasaran banget. Tapi ya ternyata sesempurna-sempurnanya seorang Ale, ternyata masih dilanda masalah juga. Yang gue salut dari Ale adalah ia mau berubah dan dengan cara apapun mencoba untuk mendapatkan Anya-nya kembali percaya dengannya.

Because he's nobody's favorite before he met Anya.  And he is willing to do anything to get her back.


Yang satu ini gue gangerti sih, sebenarnya gue lebih suka Ale jika dilihat dari semua aspek. Ale lebih calm, very positive, rajin banget ibadah, mapan. Tapi tiba-tiba ini cowok tengil satu muncul di tengah-tengah buku Critical Eleven sebagai adik laki-lakinya seorang Aldebaran Risjad. Asking Ale about how can he be so sure about marrying Anya. Dan tiba-tiba gue ketemu lagi dengan dia di novel Antologi Rasa yang baru gue beli akhir 2016.

He is the epitome of troublemaker. Everyone, meet the one and only Harris Risjad. Tokoh fiksi kak Ika Natassa yang sukses bikin cewek-cewek satu Indonesia geleng-geleng kepala tapi can't get enough of him. Gue membayangkan Harris Risjad bahwa dia engga setinggi Ale, punya senyuman yang gue yakin sangatlah charming, but fairly handsome as Ale.

Shockingly, setengil-tengilnya Harris, dia ternyata setia banget dan highly value friendship over everything (Not everything, he screwed up one thing). Dua hal yang sangat gue apresiasi dari seorang Harris Risjad. He's that friend who will be there for you after a 2 a.m. emergency call. Apalagi disini ternyata Harris punya cintanya yaitu Keara. Ngga ngerti gue, he's mad about her. Literally head over heels.

He is the type of bad boy that you can't hate, but love.


Anyway, they seems so real for me, that's why i'm making this post. Critical Eleven will also be adapted into a movie, making it more real. I'm so happy when they cast Reza Rahadian as Ale and Refal Hady as Harris. Apalagi Refal yang bener-bener defini Harris, ga ngerti lagi deh gue dia tiap hari insta live, gue bela-belain nonton jam 12 malam nontonin dia.

I don't have big hopes on the movie, the book's already great, but i hope it will be successful as the book. Goodluck to everyone working on the movie and thank you ka Ika for sharing your wonderful story and character. So Hyped!

January 1, 2017


Don't know where you went but you're lost now
Don't know where you went but you're gone now
- Kehlani