July 26, 2016

Since (2014) the 1975

Hello, here i am... wanting to tell you all a part of my liking. I never knew that i got to love this band so much. A few years ago, i was just looking for new songs to listen at youtube, began with the keyword 'Majestic'. You all should spend some time and listen to Majestic's songs. If you love electronic or indie or pop or anything good, i recommend you! That's the place i discovered Alina Baraz and Zhu.

Then, i discovered this thumbnail. With its title. The 1975 - Falling for you. What's with the name? 1975? Do these band created that year? I clicked it anyway. And the next minute, i was stoned and my mind cried. I was thinking that i finally got to found the most suitable music for my ear. It was pleasing and such an art. 

I may not like every songs because of some reasons, but most of them are gold. And these are a few of my favourite, take a while to listen.

July 21, 2016

The Definition of Missing Something

This is a transcript from my tumblr;

May 9 (14) -
The Definition of Missing Something

" If it hurts, you are doing it right."
I miss ballet like a lot and it kinda depress me because i wanted to go back to class so much but i couldn't. The dilemma is that i have to choose ballet or the intensive class for sbmptn, and i chose that one... the scary intensive class program. Oh well it has been 3 weeks and all i can say is. that this is. mad. I hate math science for sure, i don't understand the question at all, it doesn't even make any sense.
Anyhow... why did i miss ballet... of course, the teacher, the classroom, and my ballerina buddy.
I miss Ms. Farida, she is the best teacher i've ever had. She always told me that i have a nice legs to do ballet and all i have to do is stretch it more everytime before i sleep. It encouraged me a lot, thank you :' . And i miss it when she says " Look at that tummy, what did you all eat on holiday." And we, the ballet students, just staring at each other making the we-are-screwed faces.
Whenever i saw a ballet video or live show. I always felt the goosebumps because the movement is so.beautiful. It is very flawless and pretty. Ballerinas jump and float in the air, it seems easy. But when i tried, it is not as easy as it looked like. I had to strengthen my legs, balance my whole body and it hurts. It hurts. And i got cramps. But in the end i don't mind. Like what ms. Farida always says, " If it hurts, you are doing it right."
I am hoping in the near future i could go back to class, do the pliéjeté, chassé or the very ultimate hard pirouette. Never have i done the pirouette perfectly. I don't have to be a professional ballerina, i just want to do ballet. 
Oh, and there is one more thing that i miss from ballet.
The attire. 
Au revoir.

May 18 (14) -

Now you can dance freely in heaven, ibu Farida...
Your dedication for art... for ballet... will forever be remembered.

Forever as a ballet maestro.

(Blogger draft)
June 19 (16) - 
Thank You


Ms. Farida would nod and smile while she says " The class is over." Followed by a clap by every students on center of the class. She usually stays for a while on the chair, at the very corner of the room. Being busy tidying up her stuff, especially the iPod. Us, the students usually sat under the grey barre, stretching our legs and tired soul for moving for two and a half hours. We tried to catch our breath by resting our back on the wall. Then some would leave first because it's already late. I usually drank first and then unloosen my skirt and ballet shoes. Most of the times i always left my bun just like that, i don't want to get involved with the many bobby pins at my tired state.

Because the girls on my class came from different schools, it's very fun to chat with them. I got new friends, new stories. What else? Great friends. And we love dancing.

Not long, our teacher, Ms. Farida walked by us. Ready to leave the room. Sometimes she would stop right in front of us and says " You all should train harder." and getting a reply from us " Yes, Ms.". And us, the students, would always said" Thank you, Ms. Farida." to her before she walked out of the room. Sending our gratitude to our great teacher.

And for real, if only i knew. And i should've known. Then that last ballet class would be the last time i met and said 'Thank you' to her. It hit me bad. And i felt worse. She's my favourite, after Mom and my late grandmother. It was an honor to be her student, to be taught by her, to met her is very special. I learnt a lot from Ms. Farida. Her life is historic, and her dedication for ballet is extraordinary. She is loved and respected by all of her students.

Thank you for being here. Thank you for giving us the chance to dance. Thank you for the stage you gave us. Thank you for being the greatest teacher. We love you, ibu Fari.


Life is a very surprising thing. You meet a person, get to know them, and you learn something from them. I always believe it that when you meet someone, it's either a blessing or a lesson.

- Al