November 30, 2016

November Rain.

I was thinking that... this movie kinda speaks to me. Trying to tell and reminds me of something. Oh goodness, when will i get over this?
Here it goes my favorite scene where the girl are trying to write a sad ending to her story and her mom just... telling her the right thing.


They won't be together?
Are you sure?

Mom, happy ending isn't realistic.
That's why it's hard to write.
Except yours and dad's

That's it. If it can happen to us, then it's not impossible. You're a loving daughter, friend and sister.
Whoever you'll love would seem to hit the jackpot.
And besides, you're still young.
You can still find someone who will love you genuinely.

I don't want to hope anymore, mom.

No one wants an ending that's unhappy. Be it a story in movies, real life or books.
unless it's happy, it's not yet the ending.


- Para Sa Hopeless Romantic (2015)