April 26, 2016


You know that it's not funny, neither a game you can play with. Someone's feeling is something to be respected. It doesn't have to be known, you just have to understand. It's not that hard, right. So, please? :(

April 7, 2016

Funfetti, Vanilla?

Turning Point

My life was a total random until today. One day i was pretty normal, i woke up and went to the university. Having my super quick class and went home. I was so happy that day. What's more happier than having an extra free time on your monday. But the tomorrow was a total turning point, i woke up having flu and a headache. I was like, okay, just another day of me being unwell. But as i went to my morning class, it became worse. The headache is painful and the flu is worsened. I totally slept the whole lecture, putting my head on the desk. And the next class was a very important class but i was freezing and started to felt pain on my back. I still tried to bear every pain until the last class. I was there on the back seat, luckily wearing my face mask, started to cry because i don't know why. Is it because of the pain or i'm just tired. I don't know what happened to me at that time. The headache is very severe, my flu is not helping, and my back hurts a lot. Like a lot. I couldn't sat straight. My group friend asked me what happened and of course i have nothing to say beside 'it hurts'. So in the middle of the class, i went outside, my whole class was looking at me as i pass like why is this girl crying. I guess the face mask aren't helping me covering my face. Just as i went outside, my best friend was there and she asked what happened. So it just happened that i started to cry, telling her that my back hurts a lot. Some people were staring like 'WHY THIS GIRL SO SUDDEN'. But i just don't care, because it was damn hurts.

So.... i went home, called my mom, went to the hospital, getting a blood test, the next day i'm getting my second and third blood test. My poor arms..... The result was beyond my expectation, my thrombocytes level was very low. I also got a 40 degree celcius on my temperature.

That is how random my life was. Not forgetting how i skipped a few class and two clinical practical exams. Just, okay. At least the hospital food was decent.

Everyone, please stay healthy....