October 31, 2010

Age is just a number

Forget about your stressy-thingie, because now i want to give you some pixie dust, so we can fly to the Neverland! ;)

soo i want to introduce you to my lovely pixie!


She have a lot of friend. Like Silvermist, Fawn, Terence and Rosetta. And my favorite is Silvermist!

Silvermist is a water-talent fairy

So, if you are wondering why did i post thing pixie thingie... it's because i was bored with this teenager's stuff. Playing, hanging out and chatting... it was so-bo-ring. So i want to go back to the past, when everything's fun. So when i was a child, i used to watch Disney's classic such as Cinderella, Hercules, Snow White and Peter Pan. And i'm in love with Peter Pan and the Neverland! Because in there they don't have to worry about growing up. Forever as a child. Everyday is a play-time. No books!

About growing up, you see, the day after tomorrow i will be 14th years old(Y) . I'm already a teenager, yes. But my attitude, i can't say that i'm mature. I'm still childish well, yeah, sometimes. Because age is just a number. It cannot describe you. Because fyi i still love barbie, bratz, doll and other lovely thing! It's just fun... -_- haha. And i still play barbiegirls.com. it was F-U-N more fun than Twitter. Last week i have found a new fun game! it's pixiehollow.com. sekali lagi, itu seru banget banget haha -_- coba aja main nanti ketagihan dah. Haha ok byee

October 24, 2010

With Lewel 9.2 (Y)


Azry! LOL -_-



with Ameliaps!

Berenang bareng(Y)

Love you Lewel!

asik banget bareng kaliaan. mudah-mudahan bisa kompak sampe lulus! c:


Lalalalalalala gue lagi bete terus nih taulah masa bodo. benci banget banget banget. lagi males mikirin apapun yang nggak penting kayak begituan :(

ngomong-ngomong gue jadi suka sama lucifernya shinee gara-gara @Gitap14 dan ameliaps -_- liat aja ya. Minhonya lagi ganteng bangetbanget. Gue bosen liat artis bule mulu. Dan mereka itu nyanyi sambil nge-dance. Nggak semua orang bisa loh. Kalo gue udah ngos-ngosan paling haha :)

October 16, 2010


Don't be so quick to judge me; you only see what i choose to show. I didn't show it because i'm afraid, it's obvious, right?

I will be 14 in 17 days from now on. Eventough i love being a 13. because the 'three' on it. Best age i've ever recieved, Thank you Allah :). Because when i was 13,

1. i met my freakiest class ever. Venceslas 8.3 :). Miss you ALL.
2. i'm a part of SANCOFAS. Love you ALL.
3. :)

By the waay, today was the mid-sem report book day! And the score waaas.... terribly pathetic -_-. It has a '4' thingy. Hate that aaaa. I'm sorry mom, i can present you the best. But i promise, the 1st semester report score will be 75-100, Amin! I can do it! But the most unbelieveable score was 'economy', the score was 98 -_-. But it's ohkaay. My mom didn't angry with me, she give me some advice. And the advice was " STOP PLAYING THE COMPUTER".......... Ok ok, if can mom -_-. Ok, i need a rest. Bye bye. Au Revoir!

October 15, 2010

Who wanna be on top?

America's Next Top Model is airing a new cycle! Woohoo(Y). Cycle 15. More High Fashion. Check out my 2 favourite models!


I think she look like a real model. And she is like the twin of Natasha Poly

and, Ann
5 times in a row for best photo! go Ann

I'd like to see them in the final episode. Check them out more! click here

October 11, 2010


anything is possible. anything, means everything that you think that wouldn't happen, happened.

Udah pada nonton the clique belum? Kalo udah pasti tau Massie dan the pretty committee. Dan of course the loser one, Claire. Cewek populer sama Cewek baru di sekolahnya. Jadinya gimana? Pretty Committee nggak suka sama Claire soalnya dia nggak gaya sama 'pecundang'. The Pretty Committee itu ngerasa mereka itu paling hebat di sekolah karena mereka kaya, cantik, dan fashionable. Yang lain yaa 'loser' buat mereka. Nggak pantes dijadiin temen. Ngerasa paling bener. Jadi mau mereka ngomongin orang kek, mau malu-maluin orang, masa bodo buat mereka. Terutama nyindir orang. Tapi yang di malu-maluin sama mereka juga bodo amat. Kayak Shelby, dia masa bodo mau di sindir juga. Tapi ada juga yang nggak suka, kayak Claire yang nggak terima di malu-maluin jadi bales dendam.

Jadi kalian pilih siapa? Shelby atau Claire? If you're smart then you will choose Shelby. I know that revenge is sweet, but what is the big deal? In the end you will feel guilty if your plans working, but if not, you will be embarrased. Sama aja kan? Biarin aja deh mereka ngomongin lo, biarin mereka nyadar sendiri kalo mereka tuh sama aja. Dan nggak lebih baik daripada lo. Dan misalnya ada cewek yang lebih populer dari lo, ngomongin lo yang nggak-nggak. Diemin aja. Cuma itu yang lo harus lo lakuin. Nanti mereka juga capek sendiri. Boleh sih ngelawan kalo ngomonginnya udah parah tapi caranya nggak bales dendam. Tapi hati-hati. Siapa tau dia punya 'backingan'.

Ngomongin backingan. Punya backingan itu buat apa sih? Rata-rata orang yang bawa backingan kalo ada masalah berarti nggak bisa nyelesain masalahnya sendiri. Which is, can't stand by their own. Biasanya backingannya itu kebanyakan kakak atau kakak kelas. Nanti malu sendiri loh. Jangan jadi pecundang.

Okee, kayaknya mau ngomongin itu aja. Oohya satu lagi. I'd rather be a friendless loser than have a bunch of friends that secretly hate me :)

October 9, 2010

Putri Indonesia 2010

Nadine Alexandra Dewi Ames
Putri Indonesia 2010

Will be participate Miss Universe 2011. Mudah-mudahan bisa banggain nama Indonesia nanti. Gue udah tau dia yang bakal menang. Soalnya cantik terus bahasa inggrisnya lancar. Dan dia itu muka-mukanya Miss Universe. ohiya dia itu artis, dulu pernah main di FTV bareng samuel zylgwn. Suaranya halus banget kalo ngomong haha. Dia blasteran kayak Nadine Chandrawinata, same name. gue rasa dia punya kesempatan untuk masuk 15 besar MU11. Tapi dia harus kembangin lagi wawasannya sama pede. Jangan kayak Qory. Dia satu-satunya peserta miss universe yang nolak body paint gt.

Miss Universe 2010, Jimena Navarrete, wearing kebaya

cantik banget ya ampun, jadi anggun gitu make kebaya. Batiknya juga bagus . Gue rasa bagusan kebaya yang ini daripaDa gaun merahnya yang dipake waktu MU10.

mocca plus ten 2 five.



October 3, 2010


iseng-iseng bikin nama haha.

Galamira Latisha
Amayaura Shanel
Beldamira Rivera
Fayaura Janisha
Amayaura Mumtaz

Itu iseng-iseng aja ya. Tapi dari nama di atas paling suka Amayaura Shanel. Soalnya nama gue hampir sama kan 'Sha'nel sama 'Sha'fira. Semuanya bahasa prancis/spanyol/english america/arab. Kecuali yang Gala. Just for fun aja yaa :)

October 1, 2010

Welcome to the 9th grade

Being in 9th grade sucks. really. all you have to do is hope for the best. Study study and study aaall the time. Today math exam,yesterday english assignment-musical poem, and then blah-blah-blah. Last week, i've done Try Out 1. 1= means i have to do more. There's a lot test coming up. And the score... not bad tough.

Science = 5,4
Math = 7,(i forgot seventy-what)
Indonesian = 8,2
English = 8,2
Not bad right? but still, i want my science score to be more than 80, amin! :D

So, i'm in a rush. Last week i'm having a try out, next week is a mid-term test week, huraaay!-_- i'm not happy. i'm on my way to stress. But i think it's obvious, because my senior feel what i feel now, in the past. I'll try to be relax. But i have the happiest part! So in my first math test, almost all of my classmate score was below 70. So we had a re-test and it's only have 10 questions. If you get 2 mistakes you will get 70. I've promised to myself i will get a hundred. And i got it! Alhamdulillah the re-test was easy.

Forget about the stress-thingy. In my blog i always write about my school life or my family and the other right? Did you know what thing i never write about? ok. lovelife. I haven't because this blog is a public right? and i still need some privacy to keep my secrets. But i think it's ok. So, yes i like someone. Who? it's a secret :p. codename= 3. Haha. since the first month of the year. but i don't think he likes me :). Optimis sih boleh. Tapi kalo berharap terlalu tinggi, kl jatoh pasti sakit banget. Jadi.. yaudah gitu aja -_- flat aja tuh haha. Tapi kalo ditanya pernah galau nggak, pernaah. tapi nggak segitunya org galau haha -_-. soal galau gue punya lagu-lagu yang 'galau' haha. yaitu your guardian angel, the only exception, way back into love sama semenjak ada dirimu. dengerin aja haha, selamat bergalau ria! -___-