September 26, 2010


Ta-Daa!This is what i do when i'm done doing my math Try Out before facing UAN next year. Hate it? Love it? What do you think? :))

September 25, 2010


tau nggak ini siapa? ini.... gue.....
haha, beda banget ya sama yang sekarang. sekarang mah item, rambutnya nggak sebagus dulu ._.
Itu waktu gue masih kelas 1 di Harapan Ibu. Kayaknya gue cuma mau ngepost ini aja. Lagi bosen, ngefreak gitu deh Ha-Ha -_- *nevermind

Ohiya ada satu lagu, ngena banget ke gue. dengerin aja ya. when you love someone.

ada lirik yang pas banget sama gue

"When you love someone, Just be brave to say that you want him to be with you"
" I used to hide and watch you from a distance and i knew you realized"

September 19, 2010

Holiday is Over

It's been a pretty short holiday and i don't want to end it. But tomorrow i will back to school and start making book as my bff(not exactly tomorrow, but the day after tomorrow). And wearing my sucks uniform again and that black shoes. I'm tired and i need more holiday, 1 more week it's okay, at least i can avoid school days. More worst i will having the first try out before having UAN next year. Being in 9th grade is crazy! You must prepare the best, if not, you will get the worst.

And well as usual Idul Fitri day it's awesome. But i didn't feel the same like year before, plain. But i'm happy because my cousins came here and stay in my house :D. Well, the other best part is... THR. Haha. i got nine hundred if i'm not mistaken, Alhamdulillah. If i'm older, i will get more! Thanks to my big family :)

WELL*sigh* i'm tired so i will not writing more. Byee

September 4, 2010

Happy Birthday @afifahysf !

Surprise from Sancofas and Bezassies


A lot of sushi for Afi from Sancofas and Bezassies

Presents from SNCFS


Afi's Birthday Party

Happy Birthday Afifah Yusuf(Y)!