August 30, 2010


First of all, i want to say sorry to you all, because it's ramadhan! forgiving month. But, we didn't have to forgiving each other in this month only. We can do it everyday, everytime. Soo, in my be-loved school. We still have to study eventough all of the student were fasting. But it's ok because we already do this thing since elementary. But, 3 days left and it's hooolidaaay! Goodbye books and pen! But leaving books and pen doesn't mean that i am free. I have a ramadhan chores. Mom. I have to help her, because my maids will go to their home and celebrate Eid ul-Fitr with their family, just like me. But i didn't have to go anywhere because all my family lived in here. I mean in Java. Except my older cousins and my younger cousin. They lived in Medan. And will go to Jakarta at 9th September, one day before the big day. But they didn't stay in Jakarta for a long time. Just 3 days :(. But it's okay, at least i can meet them again.

Soo, it's been an exhausting 2 weeks studying, study and study, test, homeworks. Gah! i hope hogwarts is real then i will be in Gryffindor and Ta-da! Magic! But, i have to face the reality. Those magic thingy are not exist. What does exist is.. this. Ok it's been a tired day so forgive me if i'm being freak. Back to school stuff, so i've been chosen to play an instrument in "qosidah" it's like playing a rebana and sing islamic song. It's kinda sucks you know, last thursday i left history class which is will have a test to practice those things and when i came back i have to do that test. I haven't study yet! But the questions is easy if you study first. Well maybe i have 2/3 mistakes but i don't need 80 or 90. I need 100. I'm a 9th grader and i need an outstanding score. By the way i'm addicted to America's Next Top Model. The models were gorgeous and pretty, i hope there will be Indonesia's Next Top Model. Pretty please Tyraa~

And someday over the roof i've found some instresting blog just click here , the owner is a mom. She's really creative and i think she loves coffe. And i read some post abut Macaroons. Oh my god, i'm terribly curious about the taste.

See? It's yummy, i wonder maybe it's sweet and crunchy, i think i need my mom to bake it. So i have a to-do-list in holiday.

1. Bake cookies(Macaroons!)
2. Watch Camp Rock 2
3. Never miss America's Next Top Model cycle 14
4. Wake up at 7/8
5. Sleepover with my friends
6. Do what my mom tell me to do = chores

So that's all, it's alreadu 9 P.M. and i should go to bed or i can't wake up at 3 A.M. Sorry for my bad grammar, i'm still learing.

Au Revoir,

August 23, 2010

Last year in JHS

hai haii, nggak kerasa ya gue udah pake blog ini dari kelas 7. Cepet banget ya SMP, bentar lagi udah SMA :(. Gue nggak ngerasa udah gede masalahnya -_-. Ohiya, sekarang gue di 9.2. Believe it or not, my wish came true. Soalnya waktu kelas 8 gue mau banget masuk kelas 9.2 soalnya itu kayak kelas 7.2 terus adalah bekas kelasnya kakak kelas dulu gt haha -_-. Tapi kelasnya dipindahin ke lantai 1, nggakpapalah jadianya nggak perlu naik tangga lagi haha. Tapi gue waktu itu nggak tau sekelas sama siapa parah banget. Untungnya ada nadia, jadinya nggak sendiri. Ohiya kan gue keluar dari kelas unggulan 1 jadi ke unggulan 2. Dan gue keluar nggak cuma sendiri, ada ovan sama gerry. Sekelas lagi haha, gila... 3 tahun sekelas sama itu orang dua dari kelas 7. And i'm happy because my class is totally fun and... well... freak? But it's fun! Ohiya gue sekelas sama amelewel looh, terus reni, ditha, gita, amel, ayu, vira dll.

I hv to post this before my mom come and tell me to sleep, bye!

Truth V.S. Rumour

Truth and rumour, well i guess i'm gonna talk about gossip. Would you ever been gossiped by someone, or maybe you're gossiping someone?

Truth : sometimes i'm gossiping, well... everyday. is that bad? because it's human's needs, i guess...

It's fun right? gossiping someone, gossiping their bad things :p. Like worst his/her past. But sometime we didn't realized that we're gossiped by someone. It hurt really bad, right? if we know it. It's like someone make you feel you are reaaally suck. Back to ourself, we do it too... right? Sometimes we were selfish, but we are human, we're not perfect.

Then, the new chapter begins

Rumour : example, Logan Lerman is the new spiderman!

Hold up, it's a rumour guys, it's not true. Kaay, have you ever been rumoured by someone? When someone say A but the truth is J? I'm pretty sure you have, or maybe you haven't.
How does it feels? sucks? of course. But what i really want to talk about in this post is, watch your words. Find the truth first. Never talk lies. Even, don't ever eat your own words. It's pathetic,you know? Maybe when you say, why are you saying those H words, but you used to say those H words. It's pathetic, sorry i'm repeating those word.

Lesson number-i-don't-know: watch your words.

August 21, 2010



Friendship Line of Sixteen

Tali persahabatan angkatan enambelas

August 10, 2010

August 4, 2010


udah baca judulnya kan? yap, gue mau ngomongin sksd.

sksd = sok kenal sok dekat

kayak gimana sih orang yang sksd itu?
kayak, misalnya suatu hari lu liat ada orang yang mention temen lu di twitter padahal temen lu itu nggak kenal. Tapi ya ngobrol gitu. Kayak merasa kenal gitu deh, biar dikira eksis.

Terus yang gue sebelin adalah... dia pernah ngetweet "jangan sksd dong". Pleaaseee sendirinya sksd, nggak nyadar apa ya? Kayak dia kenal gitu sama yang dia mention di twitter. Padahal kenyataannya? di sekolah nggak pernah ngobrol ataupun nyapa. Gosh, please.
Kalo gue sih mending diem nggak nyapa orang di twitter daripada nanti gue dikira sksd. Kalo mau nyapa ya yang gue bener-bener kenal aja. Iya nggak? Gue nggak suka yang di dunia maya deket, tapi di dunia nyata itu nggak deket atau sama sekali nggak kenal. so? terserah sih kalo mau di cap sksd.

out from the topic:
Tadi SNCFS nyeleksi saman looh yang kelas 7 sama 8. selamat ya, yang kepilih. mudah-mudahan nanti narinya bisa bagus.

August 1, 2010

Gamaliel and Audrey

both of them are amazing! more amazing than those 2 girls who sang keong racun.
Gamal and Audrey have a real talent. No lipsync guys!

All Indonesians should know them