March 29, 2010


Well yeah, i'm here again :). i'm sorry i post rarely. because i have no time. and now i have it. Today is the first day holliday! Because every 9th grader is doing national exams. wish you all can do it well and success.

Nothing special about this month or previous month. well, i have just passed my school mid test exam. And the result is not bad. i think i have to improve my score in physic. Enough about that score, have you all watch percy jackson? It was awesome. And logan was amazing.

Then i've just found a nice song. It's an old song. But i liked it. It's Reaching by Jason Reeves. And another song called "up up down down" by Krissy & Ericka. You can hear it in here. or watch the video below

and for Reaching by Jason Reeves

Thank you for reading. Oh and i can't wait for 2 more weeks :). it will be exciting. and i've just change my layout i made it last year.